Alumni News in April

Posted by Super Administrator on 13/04/2018 :: News Category 2018

Alumni News in April name

Hello Aluminati,

The first snow has started to fall and even though the club doesn’t really “close” anymore it’s natural to start to think about what excuse we can muster for a mid winter get together inside where it is warm and dry. But other news first;


First up some news from the club – check out the Club’s home page

You’ll see we have our very own link along the top – so don’t be shy. Use it to recruit people and promote all the good stuff the club does. There’s also a very active Facebook page if you go looking … Mr Zuckerberg is saying he won’t spy quite so much on you anymore ….

Fishing comp – owner wanted

At a recent club meeting your Alumni rep (based on others prompting I hasten to add) suggested the Alumni could take over running the annual Fishing Comp. We re-started this a few years back but it’s stumbled again in recent times. Do we have a member who’d like to “own” it? The work is basically sorting out a date, promote event as you see fit, hopefully catch a fish yourself and managing the weigh in and post competition conviviality’s. Which let’s face it isn’t hard. Light the BBQ, open the Bar pretty much sums it up.

Commodores lounge

We have also suggested to the Club that The Alumni could take over the management of the second floor – Commodores lounge. The vision has long been to put in place a facility (lounge, bar and upstairs kitchen) that could be used for club and (paying) third party events.

Today, for those that have not seen it, it has a few chairs and tables, a great deck and little else. As a result it is attracting sails, assorted sailing paraphernalia and uses that are not conducive to the vision. It needs to be fitted out an access actively managed. There is a hell of a lot of space for wet and sandy sailors and if we are to support them in the future we need ways to leverage this club asset to make a few $’s.

This won’t be an overnight thing. Presuming the idea is supported it too will need an “owner” whose first job will be to draft up a plan that can be presented to the Club’s general committee for sign off.

Is there an Alumni member interested in taking this role?

Mid winter excuse

Well we really need an excuse do we ? What we need first is a session to plan a plan so Friday the 27th of April from 4 pm has been marked down for a discussion – at the club – over a beverage, on what we could put on and when. Please drop in if you can and throw your thoughts into the ring. It’ll be pretty much the cheapest beer, wine or “other” that you can buy.


See our Alumni page here.

Any other thoughts, questions or concerns please don’t hesitate to contact me either email or cell; 021 735770.