Toyota Optimist National Championships 2019



Check here for regatta accommodation options.



Transport: Airport Shuttle

If you are looking for transport from the airport to the Murrays Bay area we then you can contact Shore Shuttles who will transport you and your gear. 

The following pricing includes 1 check in bag and hand luggage. For each additional bag add $10. They have room to transport spars also.

You can book online at:

Passenger Numbers 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9-11
Airport to Murrays Bay $73 $81 $88 $98 $108 $118 $123 $128 $133
Murrays Bay to Airport $65 $73 $81 $88 $98 $108 $118 $123 $128


Charter Boats

A limited number of Charter boats will be available for the Regatta.

*13th Feb Update - Charter boat supply is fast running out. Charter suppliers can obtain further boats up until 22nd Feb. After this date availability cannot be guaranteed.


If you would like a FarEast boat please contact Keith at Sail One.


phone: +64.9.376.6763 


If you would like a Winner or XSP boat for this event please call Neil at Optimist Crazy.


phone: +64.21.724,577



Rhib Charter

If you are looking for rhib charter during the time then contact Dan at The Watershed via his email address:



More information on this to come, but mean time, here is a video by Susannah Pyatt, on some of the key Optimist measurement issues.